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The Mother Hips

Back to the Grotto (Mother Hips, 1993; American, 1995)
Part-Timer Goes Full (American, 1995)
Shootout (American, 1996)
Later Days (Mother Hips, 1998)
Green Hills of Earth (Future Farmer, 2001)
Red Tandy EP (Camera Records, 2005)
Kiss the Crystal Flake (Camera Records, 2007)
Pacific Dust (Camera Records, 2009)
Behind Beyond (Mother Hips Records, 2013)
Chronicle Man (2014)
Chorus (Blue Rose Music, 2018)


Land & Sea Chanteys (Hufa Records, 1999)
The Soft Adventure EP / Colts (California Recordings, 2003)
California Way (Fog City Records, 2005)
House of Bluhm, (Big Sur Recordings, 2008)

Ball-Point Birds

Ball-Point Birds (Big Sur Poncen Recordings, 2002)
Two Discover (Little Sur Poncen Recordings, 2006)


Phil Leesh and Friends, Love Will See You Through (Grateful Dead Records, 1999)
The Sheets, The Sheets EP (Little Sur/Pacealot 2003)
Phil Leesh and Friends, Live At The Warfield (RLJE Films, 2006)
Dave Mulligan, The Late Great Southwest (2007)

Little Wings, Grow (K Records, 2005)
Paula Frazer, Now It's Time (Birdman Records, 2005)
Jackie Greene, Giving Up the Ghost (429 Records, 2007)
Skinny Singers, Strike Again! (Rope Stretch/Little Sur, 2007)
The Traditionist, Season to Season (Banter Records, 2007)
Golden Coast Productions, Surf Stronger Volumes 1 and 2 (2007-8)

Bryn Loosley, "The Wrecker" (2008)
Dave Brogan, Thunderbird Sun Transformation (2008)
Hiss Golden Messenger, C ountry Hai East Cotton (2008)
Nicki Bluhm, Toby's Song (2008)
Chris Velan, Solidago (2009)
Hot Buttered Rum, Limbs Akimbo (2009)
Jackie Greene, Till the Light Comes (429 Records, 2010)
Little Wings, Black Grass (2010)
Nicki Bluhm, Duets (2011)
Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, Driftwood (Little Sur Records, 2011)